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[mov] Lake House, The (2006)

Lake House, The (2006)

Genre : Romance
Rating : 4/5
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Lake House is Hollywood version of Il Mare, a Korean movie (hasn’t seen it but will definitely watch it). (click here)

Kudos for Korean movie industry, because some of Korean movies have original or creative ideas. Although I am far from a movie critic, I highly appreciate originality in movies (Roshomon’s style, Memento’s backward storytelling, Pulp Fiction’s sequence, and even the bullet’s movement and 360 degree Matrix style).

This movie (Lake House) has a very unique plot for romance.
It contains mystery .. and the mystery is peeled layer by layer as the movie goes along.

It reminds me of Wicker Park (which is also a Hollywood version from French movie L’Apartment). Hehehee.. so what’s Hollywood doing? Well, at least Hollywood movies are not dark. It may have tragic ending or happy ending, but not dark.

The story is about a man who lived in a lake house in 2004, but could communicate with a woman who lived in 2006 via a mailbox.
They soon fell in love. But how is this possible, and more importantly .. why?

There’re part that very memorably romantic… when they both were walking down Chicago city.. the tree outside the apartment… their letters.

So sit down, find out the ending, and watch Keanu-Bullock romantic performance.

Well, actually I would like to give this movie 3 stars out of 5.
This movie lost 1 star because of the ending was quite anticlimax, considering the mystery built earlier (and I am a big fan of mystery-suspence-thriller movies).

Take out another 1 star because of logic flaw. It’s true that this is romantic movie, not sci-fi or comedy. But still… so many things are left out to make this as a pure romance movie. If I meet a girl from the future, I will be tempted to ask who is the winner of some football matches I can bet on hehehe.

But finally I add 1 star (so final rating is 4).. because of “This Never Happened Before” song by Paul McCartney. It’s very romantic song and perfect fit for the scene.

Verdict : Definitely a good choice for romance-movie seekers. But would be a dissapointment for ones who loves too much sci fi or suspence-thriller.

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