[documentary] The Beatles Anthology (1995)


At first, I thought I would like to write about this series after I finish watching all episodes. But, after two chapters, I can’t help to start writing.

Beatles Anthology (1995)

This documentary series was released in 5 DVDs (8 chapters).
The first chapter is ended when Beatles reached #1 British Chart with “Please Please Me”.
The second chapter is ended when Beatles was going to land in USA.

This series showed us more on what happened during the 7 incredible years from their own eyes and from people who were very close to them. So the series really set focus on important events in their life and career, and how they perceived those events (from early recorded comments on media, or comments from George-Paul-Ringo during making this series).

In the first chapter, we will see that there will be no Beatles like we know now, if there are no Brian Epstein (their manager), and George Martin (their producers).
Hmm.. this also shows how important manager and producer in a singer’s career.

In the second chapter, we will see more about their early career and how they lived the 1963, when they were going from nobody to celebrities.

Several interesting scenes that might give you a preview what this series is all about :

1. Some scenes are about themselves. When asked about how difficult to work together, one of the comment was how they’re sorry for Elvis, since Elvis must’ve lived the fame on his own. Although they argued all the time, at least they had each other to talk. One of the touching story was when they were on the road during tour, and how they had to sit tight body-to-body to stay warm. Amazing how they’re still remember detail of that exact moment after 40 years.

2. Some scenes were about how they feel about important events on their career. When they had to play in front of Royal Family (while Beatles were representing younger generation who questioned the monarchy), reporters were chasing them with questions : “Do you betray your fans?.” Instead of getting defensive comment, Ringo simply said “I just want to play drum for Queen’s mother.”
And cleverly, they play ‘Til’ there way you.”, a song usually played for ‘high-class’ audience.

3. Some scenes were about their career. How they carefully planned to ‘invade’ the USA. They promised themselves, they were not going to US unless their song reach #1 in the US. In 1963, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” did it.

Until now, hearing their songs, I understand their songs are so revolutionary. After watching this, I am very convinced that they really contributed a lot to music industry.

Simple example. After writing some early songs, they realized that they wrote songs like : “From ME to YOU”, “Please Please ME”, “Ask ME Why”, “Love ME Do”, and tried to write third person narration… and they wrote : “SHE Loves You”.

Or how they questioned how at that time album was only treated as compilation of failed songs. Success songs had to be put on singles.

FINAL VERDICT : Quoted from a comment from IMDB user : “Simply incredible. This is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth…so help me God. The Beatles Anthology is historical, remarkable and I’m glad to have seen it and own it before I die.”

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