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[mov] Die Hard 4.0, Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

Genre : action
Rating : 4.5/5
Verdict : Like the prequels? You’ll like this one too!
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This is from HSBC Movie Marathon day. See also this blog.

John McClane is back!

It’s nice to see Bruce Willis (one of my favourite actor) once again play John McClaine in his age. Old crack and his immortal character, reminding me of Sylvester with Rocky, and the upcoming (?) Harrison Ford and Indiana.

I give 4.5 stars simply because it’s very entertaining like all the prequels. John McClaine is also funny as always.

Some more comments :

1. Very fast pace. This is my kind of movie, directly set to the fifth gear from the beginning.

2. Two good casts : Justin Long (as … , noticed him previously at Accepted, and Kevin Smith (as Warlock) that we know as Silent Bob in many of his movies.

3. Great action sequence. I always remember some action sequence from the prequels (Die Hard 1 – John jumped with fire extinguisher, Die Hard 2 – John burned down the plane with his matches, Die Hard 3 – John drove truck in sewer filled up with water). This sequel also has several memorable action sequence like described in the trailer (car-heli crash, truck vs jet fighter).

Beside the villain, the weak link of this movie is also the evil plan. Too many agendas (revenge to government + money) and too many efforts.

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