[mov] Planet Terror (2007) & Death Proof (2007)


Genre : action
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : Well, what can I say? Robert Rodriguez is Robert Rodriguez, Tarantino is Tarantino.
IMDB link click here for Death Proof, and and here for Planet Terror

Well, the only good reason to watch these two movies is if you like Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez.

If you don’t, then these two movies will be average B movies.

Death Proof is very Tarantino.
If Kill Bill may be his admiration to kungfu, then this movie is his admiration to stuntman.
The main story is about a psycho stuntman, and one of the actress is Zoe Bell (plays as herself), Uma Thurman’s double in Kill Bill.

Song selection is also Tarantino’s style. He brings his own jukebox (with his favourite songs in it, see the list in Wikipedia). I like “Baby It’s You”. If you pay attention, you will see “Misirlou” (Pulp Fiction) in the jukebox list, and hear songs from Kill Bill as ring tone.

The camera angles and his cameo are also his main signatures.

Planet Terror is very Robert Rodriguez.
Lots and lots of gun fights, stylish warriors with strange weapons (remember El Mariachi trilogy?), sadistic and bloody scenes.

So, again, you’ll love these if you are real fans of Tarantino and Rodriguez.

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