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[travel] Hummingbird Hotel & Eateries, Bandung

Hummingbird is a guesthouse (7 rooms only) and restaurant in Bandung. We spent 2 nights here in July 2012.

But, Hummingbird is popular because of its eatery, especially cakes and some basic European cuisine. Always full when we’re there.

As hotel/guesthouse :

1. Strategically located (Jl. Progo). Walking distance to famous (and my favorite) Factory Outlet : Summit & Heritage. Very near to Gedung Sate, Dago, and Jl. Riau.

2. It’s simply a bed and breakfast guesthouse. They have 7 rooms location in 2nd and 3rd floor, with no elevator. If you bring vehicle, finding parking could be a trouble, but don’t worry, they have vallet service.

3. For breakfast, they give you several options, which you will pick one.

4. The room is new, neat, standard but well-organized.

As restaurant/cafe :

1. Like mentioned before, the place is always crowded. Even Monday morning, during breakfast before we’re leaving, there’re more than 10 people having breakfast there.

2. We try almost all breakfast options : fried rice (nasi goreng), five-bread, something like English breakfast, pancake, etc. Overall we like them. They are brave enough to take unusual menu, and the result is definitely not disappointing.

3. We also try the cake. Since, as expected, Red Velvet and Rainbow Cake are still the hype, we try those, and surprisingly, better than some we ate in Jakarta. Especially the Rainbow. But the BEST CAKE we ate was not one of them. It’s BLACK RUSSIAN (using rum). I don’t know whether there’s standard how Black Russian is made (vodka?), but this version was excellent.

Black Russian

Our tips (after our experience) :

1. For staying (guesthouse), remember that this is guesthouse/bed&breakfast. Don’t expect any facilities. But don’t get us wrong, they have big LCD TV with cable program, they serve not only tea and coffee but also Bandrek (local herbal beverage).

2. For eating out, prepare for the worst in term of parking (very crowded two-way small street).

3. What we like : the food is nice but not that excellent, but they’re not afraid of originalities. The atmosphere, the decor, the menu, even the utensils (for tea). Those will make the overall experience is very memorable.

4. What we don’t like : definitely parking space.

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