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[list] Top 10 iPad Apps (non game) You Should Have from the Start

It might represent my profile that has mixed use of iPad : business and personal.

And I will not include social media or well-known website such as : Amazon, IMDB, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

best iPad apps

1. Flipboard – You can be content curator. You can retrieve your Social Media like Facebook and Twitter (you can pull per Twitter list), Google reader, and view them as magazines. I ditch Pulse after using this app.

2. Goodreader – If you wish to read pdf (magz, books, article), this is the best app. You can highlight and put objects like circle and rectangular in your pdf. Very fast when flipping large size pdf.

3. Wikipanion – If you like to surf Wikipedia, then this tool is the right companion. It views Wiki pages in easier format to read using iPad.

4. Instapaper – Still a reading tool (you read a lot using iPad, right?). This can save web-page for later use.

5. DocsToGo – The best office documents handler. The killer function for me is the ability to sync (directories) via wifi with my PC/Laptop (no need to use cloud).

6. Convert Units – Simple but useful tool for conversion (length, weight, area, energy, etc).

7. Dictionary – Of course, this is a must even for people with English as their first language.

8. SoundHound – A great app to listen to music. Given internet connection, it can recognize song even when you’re humming. It can search the song lyrics. Switchable when you play the music via iPod.

9. Muji Notebook – Maybe this is controversial choice. So many good notes (Penultimate, Evernote, Notes Plus), but I like Muji Notebook because it enable people to do freehand with their finger (using zooming area).

10. FirstMedia EPG – Hahaha.. Remember, sometime you need to know what’s on the TV. This is so far the best and reliable source, even if you are not First Media subscriber.

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