[place] Losari Coffee Plantation (Central Java)

Most recommended menu you shouldn’t miss:
1. Losari Grilled Mushroom (Rp 65K++)
2. Tamarind Soda (Rp 25K)
3. Losari Kopi Tubruk (Rp 25K)

A wonderful day, rejuvenating power of nature with the spirit of Java, here in Losari Coffee Plantation.

the villa

We came here only for lunch, enjoying the Losari culinary delight at Java Red restaurant, with the natural breeze and a breathtaking views of Mt. Merbabu, Mt. Andong and Mt. Merapi.

The steak was great, also the fresh organic oyster mushrom, harvested from Losari ground was fantastic.

And the coffee itself was a perfect ending after a very enjoyable lunch. All in all, we spent almost Rp 800K for four of us. Expensive, but a worth spending for the dazzling afternoon.

bon appetite!

Then we walked around, appreciating the heritage site, the facilities and the atmosphere and really had a good time with playing giant chess at The Club House – 1828 Original Dutch Mansion, until sunset.

PO Box 108 – Magelang 56100, Central Java
Ph. +62 298 596333 ; Fax. +62 298 592696
Email: info@losaricoffeeplantation.com

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