[place] Begreno Home, A Nice Retreat

If you live in Jakarta and greater Jakarta area, and want to escape your routine life for one weekend, either with family or friends or even alone, then this place might be a good one.

The place is practically near to nowhere. Let’s find out how cozy this place is.

Begreno has several cottages. Each is design uniquely, and can be rented per floor. We choose the upper level of the Villa Five (left side in the picture)


From the teepee inside the room, you know it’s child-friendly room. You can feel how they are really put an effort in the decor from all the detail items in the room.


You can’t resist to upload the bathroom photo. Cool!


Activity? There are common bars (bring your own drink), common area (pendopo). For kids, Begreno offers plenty of activities. The garden is nice for a shortwalk. If you are into photography, bring your macro camera. You will find various insects here. They also have mini-gym.


For dinner, they prepare simple shabu-shabu with food serrved in each table (based on number of person in each villa). For breakfast, it’s typical buffet. For lunch, we can order, and we order ‘bancakan’. Overall, the food is decent, exceeding our expectation. Oh, and they serve snacks (rujak and gorengan), nice!


Address and How to Get There

Kampung Babakan, RT 04 RW 04
Desa Ciherangpondok, Kecamatan Caringin.
Kabupaten Bogor Ciawi, West Java, Indonesia

If you are using Google Maps, you will not get there. Tips : after you are leaving the main road (Jl. Raya Sukabumi), and starts to feel that the Maps leading to narrow or difficult road, better call Begreno, and ask the staff to come and show you the direction.

For more info :
Phone : +62 818-672-827
Email :
Website :



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