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[app] For Running, Which One Better : Endomondo vs Nike+

Endomondo vs Nike+

Endomondo vs Nike+

Running with gadget? Well, believe me, when you start running regularly, you will somehow feel the need to use of mobile application to track your activities. Either for the sake of tracking, or for showing the world how active you are.

There are many applications available, but the most popular ones are : Endomondo Sport Tracker, Nike+ Running, Runtastic, Map My Run, Runkeeper, and Strava.

Oh btw, I use Android, so if you are IOS user, the illustration picture might be different.

Which Profile Are You?

To decide which one is the best, of course you need to know what you want from this app. I simply provide you with two profiles.

Profile 1 – You run regularly, and most of the time bring your mobile phone with you to track your run. After running, you want to have social activities, like posting your run, compare it with friends. Over the time, you might want to know your progress. Simple chart or data is adequate.

Profile 2 –  You run seriously. You need accuracy on the application (YES, different apps give you different statistic for the same running activity).  You heavily need connectivity to your sport timer (Garmin, Polar, etc).

If you think you are Profile 2, then stop reading this article, and open this website. It will give you guidance to select the most accurate app.

But if you think you are Profile 1, then I will save your time by only giving you two choices : Nike+ Running and Endomondo Sport Tracker (both FREE – with note that Endomondo has its premium version).

The Comparison

So, which one is better? Again, depend on what you are looking for? Here are some criterias that I think is important :

1. Tracking Your Run

Endomondo show this when you are running

Endomondo shows this during running

(+) You can customise your main dashboard (time, avg pace, cur pace, distance).
(-) For mobile on low spec, the app can be slow.

Nike+ shows you this when running

Nike+ shows this during running

Nike+ Running
(+) Sleek, simple, very clear with its black and white display.
(-)  Simple display of time, distance, and current pace that might be not quite accurate (I think it’s average of the past several minutes).

Verdict : If you wish simple tracking, Nike+ is better. But if you wish to know the overall average pace, Endomondo is better.

2.  Social Activities

Posting from Nike+

Posting from Nike+

Nike+ gives you badges and mileage to motivate you. They provide menu ‘Friends’ to directly rank you among friends on the running frequency and on the distance. They enable you to post to Path beautifully.
While in Endomondo, you can post and interact but it’s quite limited. Although Endomondo gives a ‘Wall’ for you, it is obvious that you interact in Facebook, Twitter, and Path.

Verdict : Nike+ is the clear winner. This could be the deciding factor, if you are into this social thing.

3.  Statistics and After-Run Analysis

Nike+ shows your record and activity history. Since Nike is shoemaker, the app enables you to track milage of your shoes.

Endomondo stats

Endomondo stats

Endomondo is more complete. They gives you historical analytical tools. The FREE version enable you to see graphs of historical distance, minutes, calories; over week-month-year, and from different kind of sports (I will come to this later on).

Verdict : Endomondo+ is the winner. There is not much to learn your history from Nike+.

4. Adding Other Activities.

What is other activity? You run in treadmill. You swim without your mobile phone. Or you use wearable that produce gpx or tcx file (like Garmin etc).

Both enable you to add your running activity manually, but if you do cross train (biking, swimming), Endomondo is the app.

Moreover, Nike+ great disadvantage is the inability to export or import manually the tcx or gpx file. Endomondo enables you to import and export, although you have to do it quite tediously.

Verdict : Endomondo+ is the clear winner. This could be the deciding factor if you cross train (swimming or biking).

5. Connection to Other Important Apps

Endomondo can connect to MyFitnessCal and post the activity (if you track your nutrition).
Nike+ can connect to GoogleFit and post the activity minutes and steps (if you track your daily activity).


If social media is not important for you. You are a lone runner, then Endomondo is the one for you. But if you are social media activist, Nike+ is the one for you.

But what if you are a bit of both? Currently I use both by doing this :

1. I run primarily using Nike+. Simple, Nike+ cannot easily import file. So you have the luxury of interacting with you Nike+ friends. But that’s it.

2. I, periodically, download my Nike+ running activities via this amazing tool by Matt Stuehler (click here). The webservice tool enables you to get your gpx files.

3. I import the files to Endomondo (using ‘Adding Workout’ via file).

4. I also add other non-running activities to Endomondo. By this, I can get the historical data/report from Endomondo statistics.

Well, above steps require consistency in doing it, but it works fine until now.



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