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[mov] The US vs John Lennon (2006)

Genre : history, documentary

US vs John Lennon

US vs John Lennon

Rating : 5/5
Verdict : Truly a gem for John Lennon fans. Nice songs too. Beatles Anthology continued…
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Drove from Paris to Amsterdam Hilton
talking in our beds for a week
The news people said, ‘What’re you doing in bed?’
I said ‘We’re only trying to get us some peace’
(The Ballad of John and Yoko)

This lyrics represents what John and Yoko really did at that time (Bed In).
Spending time in bed openly to be accessed by media, and stating his support for peace.

This is what the movie is all about.
This documentary put focus on John Lennon’s thoughts on the world’s peace, and his influence to politics, especially US politics. The main underlined story that symbolize this US vs John Lennon was when John needed almost four years to get his US green card (possibly because Nixon was afraid that he could sway the votes of people aged 18-21, which at that time could vote for the first time).

For me as Beatles fan, this documentary provided the main reason why Beatles had to be ended.

It was inevitable, given the facts that John Lennon (and Yoko Ono) had escalated beyond just being an artist. Their view of the world was no longer just in the spirit of rock n roll anymore. John was really a post-Beatle person, not just a rock n roll artist.

Quoted from this movie : “They weren’t frightened of people like Mick Jagger. That was just musicians and silly long-haired gits with too much money misbehaving. The trouble with John was that there was some intellectual force behind the argument.

John supported peace movement (it’s in “Give Peace A Chance” song).
He cleverly used what he knew best : songs and media to get his message around the world. He also maintained relationship with left wing activists. This made him sneaking into the list of ‘enemies of the state’.

Several important people gave their opinion, experience, and thoughts on this movie, such as Ron Kovic (the author of “Born on the Fourth of July”), Noah Chomsky, Angela Davis (woman activist that can make John Lennon and Rolling Stone wrote songs referenced to her), Carl Bernstein (the man who revealed Watergate scandal). So, you will hear very many good, clever and bold quotes from these people.

One regret is because this movie is supposedly told in parallelism with Iraqi war (wouldn’t be it more interesting?).

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