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[mov] Red Cliff {Chi Bi} (2008)

Genre : history
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : An eye candy. For me, the movie makes me really want to re-read the novel.
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“Romance of Three Kingdoms” is one of the best story I’ve ever read.

Red Cliff (Chi Bi) (2008)

After a disappointing story about Zhao Yun in “Resurrecting the Dragon”, this movie is quite a remedy. It’s about part of story about Battle of Red Cliff, one of the most interesting chapter in Romance of Three Kingdoms.

It’s quite inline with the novel. The casts are excellent, and very entertaining (well… just imagine that John Woo gets USD 80 mil for this movie).

For those who reads the novel, this movie is more on entertainment side rather than describing the story. Well, maybe because in the novel, Zhuge Liang got more role, while in this movie, Zhou You gets the spotlight.

In the novel, the most interesting part is how Zhuge Liang can convince all Sun Quan advisors to fight Cao Cao, and how he must outwit Zhou Yu.

But since this is the movie to please the audience, they put more weight on the action sequence.

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