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[mov] Penelope (2006)

Genre : romantic comedy

Penelope (2006)

Rating : 4/5
Verdict : cleverly turn typical formula into a enjoyable tale
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First of all, I like Christina Ricci and James McAvoy so this fact alone, attracted me to watch this movie.

Quite worry at the beginning because from the description, you feel you already know this movie. Girl got cursed, only prince charming can cure the curse, here come that guy, a little drama, and the climax.

But, the surprising part is that just when you think you’ll know what will happen (and ready to condemn this movie as formulaic), the movies swiftly move to other direction. Reminds me a lot of Stardust.

Just watch it.. won’t regret. It is not hillariously funny, but you will smile through the entire of this movie.

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