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[mov] Other Boleyn Girl, The (2008)

Genre : drama, history
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : special movie for me, but maybe not for everyone
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Overall, there are two valid reasons to watch this movie :
1. Scarlet Johannson and Natalie Portman 🙂
2. History…

Other Boleyn Girl, The (2008)

This movie is quite special for me and my wife because we were introduced to this movie while we’re in England and read about England history, so we’re quite curious about this Boleyn girls.

First of all, maybe we must know the importance of these Boleyn girls in England (or even world) history.

There is a pivotal event in our history, when Spanish Armada was destroyed by England under the command of Elizabeth I. If at that time, the Spain conquered England, then international language will be Spanish, and this blog will be written in Spanish.

And at that time, the Spain was backed by the Catholic Church who consider England ruler heretic by declaring their own church (Anglican).

Now, the relation to the Boleyn girls. Why did England declare their own church? Because their king want to divorce and marry other woman. Who’s that woman? Boleyn girl.

And who’s the mother of Elizabeth I? Boleyn girl.

If you are into Britain history, you will know more interesting story during that period. Making this movie quite more special.

However if you are completely blank about the history, you probably will be be dissapointed with this movie.

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