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[mov] Foolproof (2003)

Foolproof (2003)

Genre : heist
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : a must for heist-con movie lova
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To plan a perfect heist, you must plan everything.
How many walking steps.
How many seconds.
And when you get the smallest detail, you will get a FOOLPROOF plan.

Kevin, Sam, and Rob have worked very hard to come out with this foolproof plan to steal diamonds.

But unfortunately, the plan-book is stolen, and someone executes the plan perfectly.
Worse, someone is blackmailing them.

Now. they are forced to make a new foolproof plan.
But things get difficult when you know you cannot trust anyone, including your team.

This is a low budget, but well-executed, heist movie.
The plot may seem thin (like an episode in Hustle series), but the detail deserves decent high rating.

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