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[mov] Little Manhattan (2008)

Little Manhattan (2005)

Genre : romance
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : delightful movie to reminisce your ‘first love’
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One of the best romance I’ve ever watched recently.

The story is very simple for a romance.
It’s a puppy love between Gabe and Rosemary (10 and 11 years old I think).

The interesting part : the movie is for adult but use children’s perspective.
Something that might bring back old memory of the audience.
About someone you like. Your first crush. About not having enough guts to say it.

And it is also interesting for this movie to use boy’s perspective. Like how difficult it is for boy to get support from his friends to go on into relationship. Like any other romance, the soundtrack is good (does anyone have it?). There’s some sweet scenes. And the acting is good.

A very heartwarming movie.

Trivia (from IMDB) : Gabe and Rosemary’s on-screen “first kiss” was actually the first kiss for actors Josh Hutcherson and Charlie Ray in real life.

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