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[mov] Stardust (2007)


Stardust (2007)

enre : romance, adventure, fantasy
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : probably the most fresh Hollywood flick I watched this year
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When someone told you there’s a movie about magical kingdom, pirate, witch, and romance

in it, you’d probably skeptical (Pirates of Carribean trilogy, Narnia).

But surprisingly, this movie daringly takes those themes and still be very good and not boring at all (I consider Narnia is very boring).

We think we’ve seen all pirates characters from Pirates trilogy, but Robert De Niro will make you realise there’s one more lovable pirate character!

The witch (Michelle Pfeiffer) is also interesting character, not seeking world domination, but one motive that may be more sensible.

The story itself is not complex. A young man cross the border from human realm to magical kingdom to find fallen star to give to his loved one.

But many people are also looking for this star for different motives. What makes this movie interesting is the fast pace and compact story, strong side characters (ghosts-witches-pirates), and focus on the story rather than on special effects.

Definitely will watch this movie again….

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