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[mov] The Death of Ian Stone (2007)

Deaths of Ian Stone, The (2007)

Genre : horror-alternative, mystery
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : fresh concept, but it’s indie.. so it’s quite not up to its potential
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After watching typical and so so movie, here come a (again) Brit movie that attracted my attention.

Very promising start. Ian Stone went home and was killed. Instead of being dead, he’s transferred to another life, and again was killed, and being transferred again.

Ian started to catch some patterns. He also got information from a mysterious guy that Ian couldn’t be killed, and what happened to him was not a coincidence. It’s because somebody wanted something from him.

He needed to find the answer.. fast. Because, whoever did this to him, could manipulate the whole world and put him into terrible scenarios.

But sadly, the movie lost its grip and took shortcut. Too bad… it can be the next Matrix.

But still, it is a good feeling that you don’t find another zombie, werewolves, vampire movie.

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