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[mov] Tell No One – Ne le dis à personne (2006)

Genre : mystery
Rating : 5/5
Verdict : So good and complex that you can’t really tell the plot to your friend in several minutes.
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A very good movie.

Tell No One (2006)

Typical of entertaining French movie with thick plot.

Alex’s wife was murdered 8 years ago.
Still feeling grief, Alex suddenly got email that tips him that her wife is probably still alive.
This event was about the same time with the discovery of new evidence that may suggest his wife was not murdered by a serial killer as the investigation concluded 8 years ago.

So while he followed this clue, he also tried to retrace all steps related to her wife’s death.
He went to his wife’s parents, his sisters, his wife’s best friend.
But along the way, the movie cleverly and slowly reveals the actual plot of his wife’s death.

And apparently his wife’s death is not as simple as a victim from a serial killer.
So, is his wife alive?
Why after 8 years, all’s coming back to him?

A very good movie. Clever, clever, clever!
Really recommended.
It entertains you not by its suspense or bombastic twist, but by its logical plot coming from a series of related events.

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