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[mov] The Librarian : Quest for the Spear (2004)

The Librarian (2004)

Genre : history, action
Rating : 4/5
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By default you will remember Indiana Jones movie, even when you just read this movie’s title. You are not wrong. The main plot is similar : to retrieve important artifact, and save the world from bad guy.

But there are some major differences :

1. Flynn (the main character) is more to geek rather than the athletic Indiana. But he’s more clever and has a strong deductive analysis ala Sherlock Holmes, like how he can tell personal facts of his interviewer.

2. The movie refers to some historical events or items, and sometimes without any explanation to the audience. For instance, Excalibur, sword in the stone. People who do not know Arthur will not know the background why the sword is in the stone, and why Flynn is asked to try to draw it.

There are a lot of references to mystical items or topics : Pandora’s box, Great Year, Shangri-La, etc.

Don’t expect the scenes (especially action sequences) are as amazing as Indiana Jones (this is made for TV). The story also is quite simple and plain, like watching a 1.5 hr TV episode.

But it will be a fun movie for people who like history.

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