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[mov] Deal, The (2005)

Genre : Drama, Thriller
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : Either you like it, or hate it.

I believe this movie is not for everyone.Deal, The (2005)

Some people will find it confusing. Well, it is not confusing in term of plot like Memento, Donnie Darko, or even… Matrix?

It is simply not an easy movie because it assumes the audience know about office and its politics and some corporate terms. So I guess it might be confusing for teenagers or people with no working experience.

Some people also think this is suspense. For me it is drama, because the plot is too obvious to be a good suspense or thriller.

The focus of the story is about oil industry and its effect into politics, economy, and business. Tom Hansen (Christian Slater) is involved in inter-company transaction between US oil company and Russia oil company. This deal is not as smooth as he thinks because it involves murder, Russian mob, gulf war, corruption.

This main story is accompanied by two sub plots : romance and office politics. The most interesting character is Abby Gallagher (played beautifully by Selma Blair), a young idealist fresh B-School graduate.

For me, it is a good drama, because it portrays real world with its dilemma. It reminds you that you live in a complicated world with so many interests.

If I do something good but it hurts many people, will it still count as good deed? What if I do something that does not right morally and legally, but it saves a lot of people?

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