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[mov] All About Eve (1950)

All About Eve (1950)

All About Eve (1950)

Genre : Drama
Rating : 5/5
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Bought some Academy Award winning DVDs for a movie-mania friend in HMV.

So I plan to watch some before he picks up the DVDs 🙂

After watching some old movies previously, I think the best genre to watch is either drama, mystery, or musical. Romance and comedy will be a little bit awkward since we do not understand some context.

That’s why my first pick to watch is “All About Eve”, and by setting the right expectation, I think this movie is good to watch.

The story’s angle is unique. It’s about how people can use communication and attitude to get what they want.
The plot is like the title said, it’s about Eve, who is ambitious but has a very clever approach to get what she wants.

You will see how she positions herself among people : Margo Channing (great actress Eve dreams to be like), Bill (Margo’s fiancee, a director), Lloyd (writer), and Karen (Lloyd’s wife), Max (producer), De Witt (journalist).

Watch how she swiftly uses information and condition for her own benefit.
Some reviews call her manipulative and ambitious, but for me it is a descent way.
We do that often in our life anyway.

The real thing is that she is indeed a good actress, that matters most.
She does not use connections and power to cover up competence or back stabbing to steal someone’s role.

A really good old movie. And watch also Marilyn Monroe‘s performance as young actress who wants to climb with her beauty (so.. who’s more descent? Eve or her?)

Verdict : An autopsy to human behavior

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