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[mov] 300 (2006)

300 (2006)

Genre : Action
Rating : 4/5 (as entertainment) 1/5 (as historical story)
Verdict : see my rating
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Like Troy, the movie picks one memorable story from ancient Greeks, that is passed on from generation to generation by legend and by history (Herodotus).

The story is from Battle of Thermopylae which is very important to history. Not only because it iwas heroic, but also because its effect to the following decisive battle (at Plataea .. as indicated at the movie ending) that practically ended all Persian attempt to conquer Greek.
Just adding information, before this famous battle, there’s also a great attempts from Persia to conquer Greek that’s also failed and leave an interesting legacy : Marathon.

As an entertaining-movie fan, I think this movie is very entertaining.

But since I am also fan of ancient history, I do hope that all people watching this movie realise that this is just a movie, not trying to be a documentary or to be historically accurate.

Well.. actually, many things from this movie are historically accurate (like the detail fact that Spartan boys had to go to military academy at early age), but unlike Troy, this movie put hero and villain in black and white.
And the black is the darkest black.

Honestly, I don’t know how I will feel if (only if) … the enemy in this movie was Majapahit with Hayam Wuruk and Gajah Mada leading the army… or if the enemy is USA with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson leading the army….

If you were daydreaming in high school during history class (hehehe), please be informed that :

1. Persia is one of the oldest civilisations in the world with a great history, with a number of legendary names such as : Cyrus-the-Great and Darius.

2. War was a very common thing at that era (many people with nothing to do I guess hehehe). And Persia was not the only civilisation with the desire to conquer its neighboring countries. Persia itself later was conquered by Alexander the Great from Macedonia (Greek region). And ironically, nowadays Iran (modern Persia) is facing new invasion from US.

3. Sparta itself was not that ‘white’. The word ‘spartan’ is derived from it because Sparta was known for its military devotion. So imagine, there was a Greek family, they had two boys : Athena who believed in manner and culture, Sparta who used fists to settle his problem 🙂

The movie is entertaining, fast paced.
Straight forward… it sells beautiful action sequence.
Best action sequence in 2007 so far.

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