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[mov] Butcher’s Wife, The (1991)

Butcher’s Wife, The (1991)

Genre : Romantic Comedy
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : Funny, but it’s quite an old movie, and not as good as Nora Ephron’s movies
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Love is often associated with magical things.

Is it destiny? Fairy tale?

In this movie, we will experience more magics around love, since the story is about a clairvoyant, Marina (Demi Moore).
Marina (and many of us?) awaits signs for her true love.

So when she read some signs about her true love, and a man shows up, she believes that he is the one.

The man is a butcher in a small neighborhood in New York.
When Marina arrives and becomes the butche’s shoopkeeper, she starts to interact with some neighbors…. and using his clairvoyant ability to advise people about their life.

Her advise usually strikes people in the heart, igniting some hidden feeling and desire to change their lives.
And (since this is a movie), all people who received advise apparently are linked to a psychiatrist.
Of course, he is quite disturbed by Marina’s advise to his patients and friends (remember he’s a psychiatrist who does not believe in hocus pocus things).

So … suddenly Marina’s advises brings a lot of changes to the neighborhood.
Well.. you know how crazy it will be when you really do your wildest dream.

But the question is, what about her own life and love?


This movie is an enjoyable (but predictable) romantic comedy movie.
It has witty conversations, good and memorable quotes, good songs…. creating a pleasant feeling while watching.

One thing disturbed me is Demi Moore’s accent 🙂

Some good romantic quotes :

“Love is the leap that won’t be denied.”
“Destiny has a way of just working itself out.”
You’ll always know when the right person walks into your life.”

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