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[electronic] My Handphone History

Try to remember all types of mobile phones I’ve ever bought, and apparently, they’re not many.




1999 – My first ever mobile was Samsung SGH-250. Bought them (mine was silver, my wife’s was blue) because they’re small/light and among the first with flip.

2000 – Changed to NOKIA 7110 (and becoming addicted to Nokia). Two reasons. First, it’s very cool to have a phone featured in Matrix movie. Second, subsidized by company (Ojolali.com had great price at that time). This was the longest type I ever used.

2004 – Switched to NOKIA 7250i. Why? Too many new technologies. Color display, camera, internet.

2006 – Being fooled by vid-con advertising. I bought the NOKIA 6680 with front camera. But apparently, bandwith was terrible. This was the worst type of handset I’ve ever had.

2008 – Cannot resist the sexyness of NOKIA E71. The best phone I’ve ever had. Sleek, fast, incredible battery-life, very user friendly. Very happy to use it.

2010 – Had to switched to Blackberry simply because ‘everybody’s using it’. Chose the Blackberry Bold 9700, because of credit card promo.

2013 – Was forced to buy new mobile phone because the old one was plunged to water. Well, the choice was not hard. It will be the last Blackberry device, so I bought the cheapest one, Blackberry Curve 9320. Only need the BBM and basic phone feature.

So, 7 phones in 14 years was not so bad eh… And I think only Bold cost me more than Rp 4 millions.

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