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[mov] Prestige, The (2006)

Prestige, The (2006)

Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Rating : 5/5
Verdict : If you do not have difficulty to understand complex plot and timeline, you’ll like it.
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Don’t know why there was a time when two movies with the same unique theme were released within short period of time.

Dante’s Peak – Volcano (vulcanic natural disaster), and then Armageddon – Deep Impact (danger from outer space), and now The Illusionist – The Prestige (about magician).

About the story, Angier and Borden are both crew in a magician’s show. One accident makes them separated and do their own performance.
There is a dark, brutal, and deadly rivalry built between them, as they both seek to out-wit and even sabotage other’s performance.
The rivalry reaches the climax on one mysterious trick, called “The Transported Man“.
These two magicians now are betting their lives to do this trick better.

That’s enough, if you want to know more… well go to IMDB or Wikipedia for more references.

Now, let’s decide whether you want to watch it.
I will use The Illusionist as comparison.
Some people like The Illusionist better, but actually for me The Prestige is much better.

While The Illusionist has simple storyline and easy to swallow, The Prestige has several timeline at once and require the audience to chew to understand, so you’ll get lost if you do not pay attention to understand the movie. I give you a tip to understand the timeline : watch Angier’s leg and how he walks.

Second, like The Illusionist, this movie has some twists. But while The Illusionist is predictable, The Prestige offers more complex so that in the end you’ll get a feeling like you get after watching “Memento” (the other Christopher Nolan’s movie). So, although there are some scenes that at first you feel they’re unnecessary (like the love scenes), you still have to pay attention, because in the end, there’re explanations.

Third, while characters in The Illusionist are quite black and white, in The Prestige, each character is complex. This movie is quite dark.

The Prestige is typical slow, mysterious, but riveting till the end. After you reach the ending, you’ll say “Whoaaa!”, and you’ll want to see the movie again to understand better (if you do not pay enough attention).


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