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[mov] Children of Men (2006)

Children of Men (2006)

Genre : SciFi
Rating : 3/5
Verdict : The movie gets 8.0 from IMDB. But for people who seek entertainment, it does not fuel your adrenaline.
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Let’s start with the story. The setting is in London, 2027, when there is no human birth for

the last 18 years and where rebellion taking place. The central character, a former activist (Theo) agrees reluctantly (money is his motive) to be involved with Fish members (the most dangerous rebel group). First, he’s about to get forged document for a girl, but he ends up escorting the girl, and then protecting the girl with his life.

For movie critics, I believe it is a good movie. The script, the acting, and the storytelling are excellent. For instance, within 5 minutes, we will know exactly the movie’s setting (no birth, rebellion, immigration policy).

The theme and conflict will also get some credit from critics. It makes us think about the value of life and our problem in reality (immigrant vs local people). The character development (especially for Theo and Kee) is strong.

For movie go-ers who wants some action, this is also not bad. The story is riveting from the beginning to the end.

But somehow, this kind of subgenre doesn’t fit me.

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