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[mov] Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale (2006)

Genre : spy, action
Rating : 5/5
Verdict : James Bond reborns!
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I read Ian Flemming’s book and I watched James Bond movies but I am not a fan of this franchise.

So when I saw this movie, I set my expectation quite low.
Just killing free time with an action movie.
But this movie is surprisingly good.

It’s different. Usually James Bond’s movies always have standard scenes.
But this time…
No more silly gadgets.
No more villains who want to conquer the world (and then what???).
No more girls as movie’s sweetener.
No more Bond’s charm to manipulate sexy enemy’s girl.
No more unbelievable car chasing and other unbelievable action scenes.

The story, surprisingly, is quite complex, thrilling, with a twisted ending.

No more overdose action scenes (the longest action sequence is in the opening when James chases and shoots down a bomb-maker).
Some trademarks are still there : “Bond, James Bond”, sexy car (this time back to Aston Martin), and promoting Omega.. (Is it Rolex… No, Omega).

Daniel Craig is also the right choice for this reborn James Bond.

This movie tries to set a new image for Bond’s movie, and it works beautifully!

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