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[mov] Syriana (2005)

Syriana (2005)

Genre : drama
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : Not for everyone. If you have interest in politics, business, terrorism, global supremacy, hating-US-supremacy (hehehe) you will enjoy the movie.
But if not, just skip this movie.
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A pure drama that will bore some people.

The main topic is about oil industry (or energy).
The film have multiple storylines that are weaved to show how important oil industry is to the world.

The first story is about a CIA agent who have mission in middle east region. He found that a missile is missing in his last mission, and didn’t realise that this will lead to some events.

The second story is about a energy analyst who, by a tragic event, work as consultant to a prince whose vision is to be a ruler that will provide wealth and democratic process in his kingdom in his own way (… not American way).

The third story is about a lawyer that do due dilligence to merger process between two giant oil companies.

The fourth story is about a Pakistani teenager who is fired from work, try to find job, and is involved in a ‘terrorist group’.

These four stories really show that politics, business, power, terrorism, corruption, are connected to each other. And it is useless trying to eliminate terrorism and corruption, since that two things are only the side effect of business and political games.

For instance, when a ruler announced Chinese company as winner of oil concession, he suddenly faced a lot of pressure from the world (read : US) about his ‘non-democratic’ country, labelled as terrorism, etc.

The movie is heavy and it will make you feel stressed how insane people are in this game. It is appealing to me personally, because in my line of duty, I am involved in government sector also.

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