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[mov] Illusionist, The (2006)

Illusionist, The (2006)

Genre : Mystery, Thriller
Rating : 4/5
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I will not write much about the plot and story.

I have been given some tips before watching the movie about what the movie is all about.
Although the tips were very subtle, I wish I didn’t know them at all.

The movie is highly recommended.
Don’t expect it to be a good thriller.
Don’t expect it to be a good love story, nor a riveting drama.

Let me just say that the movie is interesting because it combines the story about a unique occupation (illusionist) and a mystery to be solved. The tag : “Nothing is what it seems” really means something!

Although the pace is slow, each scene (especially the magic show) is enjoyable.
Edward Norton is a good actor, making the main character is so interesting, and Paul Giamatti always plays a difficult character beautifully.

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