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[mov] Miller’s Crossing (1990)

Miller’s Crossing (1990)

Genre : Thriller, Crime
Rating : 5/5
Verdict : Very clever movie
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A Coen brothers’ movie. They are genius in film industry. They have made many different

kind of movies, but still with their trademark of certain details and certain dark flavour.

I am not a movie expert. I judge movies simply from the story/plot and dialog.
Based on that, this is one of their best movie.

The movie really shows us about the power of communications in politics.
There are so many parties among us with different interests.
So, the key is how you communicate one message with different ‘languages’ to them.
Sometime it is for something you want to achieve.
But sometimes, it’s simply for your own life.

In this movie, Tom Regan (Gabriel Byrne, one of my favourite actor) lives in a very dangerous world.
He is the right-hand man of a powerful Irish gang, Leo.
There is Bernie, a crook.
There is Caspar, another gang-leader.
There is Verna, Bernie’s sister who is also Leo’s girl, and is also fooling around with Tom.
There is Dane, a ruthless bodyguard of Caspar.

Things get complicated when Bernie made a case with Caspar.
According to mob’s rule, Bernie had to go down.
But since Bernie is Verna’s brother, Leo declined.
Things got heated. And it’s more complicated when Leo knew Tom’s fooling around with Verna.
He was kicked out from the gang, and Caspar was more than welcome to have Tom on his side.

So, Tom is caught between this two gang leaders.
The turning point is when Tom is ordered to kill Bernie in Miller’s Crossing (the movie title).
Was Bernie killed?
Verna asked him about her brother.
Dane got suspicious and pushed him real hard.
Leo and Caspar were questioning his loyalty.

So it’s all left to Tom’s talking ability and his wit, to get out from there alive.

A very good story.
It’s not a gangster movie like Godfather or Godfellas.
For me the central is not about gangster’s world. It’s about how a man saving his life by using words to manipulate people so they will act exactly as he expected.

Some people might consider this movie is slow and a bit flat.
Well, if you can picture yourself in Tom’s position during the movie, it is a riveting movie.

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