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[mov] Death Note (2006)

Genre : Thriller
Rating : 5/5
Verdict : Awesome story and plot!
Find out more here (beware of spoiler)

The basic concept is very simple.

Death Note (2006)

It’s about a note-book that has special power.
Like the tagline said : “The human whose name is written in this note shall die.”

But like many mangas and animes, this simple concept can produce a very entertaining and clever story (that represents the intelligence of the author, I guess).

Light got this death note from Ryuuk, a Shinigami creature whose life depend on life taken by the death note. He started to take justice into his hand by killing criminals. People give this unknow murderer a nick name, KIRA.

A briliant detective, L, then is in charge to capture KIRA. Then the story become a battle of wits between L and Light.

Along the movie, you will learn also how to use the Death Note, since it has many rules. Clever rules, such as you must know the face to avoid killing wrong person with the same name.

Like several mangas and animes, it is a clever story.

The only thing I hate about this movie is the ending that ensure that you will watch the sequel.

But this is a great movie that make me watch also the anime (also great and totally recommended).

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