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[mov] Devil Wears Prada, The (2006)

Devil Wears Prada, The (2006)

Genre : Comedy
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : Meryl can play any role!
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What makes this movie very good :

1. Meryl Streep! .. and the funny Stanley Tucci.
2. Clever and funny lines. Good script.
3. Good characters, and good conflict building.
[overall… don’t worry.. just watch it.. you won’t regret]

It’s about a girl (Anne Hathaway) who just started her ‘dream’ career, only to find out that cruel boss can mess up her life. What will she do about it?

This movie also provided me a little reason to appreciate branded items, although I still don’t understand why certain brands are so so expensive.. (perhaps the same as most people do not understand why some soccer players earn so much money).

My other comment for this movie is that the entire story about ‘cruel and non-appreciating boss’, ‘relationship vs career’, is more suitable for persons who just started their career.

For ones who had worked for years, it is easy and usual to find out that Miranda is just an ordinary boss afterall. (and for me, she’s still considered as a ‘good’ and ‘nice’ boss).

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