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[mov] Scoop (2006)

Scoop (2006)

Genre : Mystery
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : A fun adventure from Woody Allen
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A Woody Allen movie where he also appears in this movie.

It’s about a wannabe-journalist who’s accidentally picked to enter a ‘dematerialising’ box during a magic show. When she was in the box, she met with a lost soul telling her that he knew who the Tarot-Card serial killer is.

After that, it’s like a detective movie with the magician (Woody Allen himself) and the girl (Scarlett Johanson) chasing the suspect (Hugh Jackman).

Well, when you read my posting til this point, you might think this is a mystery movie. You’re wrong, although this film can be still categorised as a good mystery movie.

For me it’s a comedy. A unique Brit Comedy. It makes you smile and have a little laugh along the movie through its witty dialogue and funny scenes. Totally not Adam Sandler, Jim Carrey or other comedian movies (although I also love them).

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