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[mov] Goodbye Lenin (2003)

Goodbye Lenin (2003)

Genre : Comedy (2006)
Rating : 4/5
Verdict : I love you mum!
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This German film is about a mother who dedicated her life to the East Germany.

She suffers heart attack and is in comma for 8 months.

After she wakes up, doctor tells his son, Alex, that his mother won’t survive any shock.
That is a big problem, since during her comma, East Germany was disappeared.
Everything that she believes with her whole life has shattered.

So it’s Alex’s job to hide the world to his mother.
He must make his mother believe that the ‘world’ is still the same as the one she knew.
It’s not that easy.

For instance, he couldn’t find canned pickles his mother used to have, since many East German products are disappearing in the supermarket.
He must find a way when his mother want to watch television programme she used to watch.
His sister even works for Burger King and is married to West German guy.
In other scene, he must explain why there is giant Coca Cola banner (western symbol).

And the ultimate question, how does he deliver the truth?

Touching story about son’s love to his mother.
I usually find drama movie is boring, but not this one, since along the movie, we also learn what happened in German during that period. I just realised that right after German unification, German won 1990 world cup. Can you imagine the euphoria?
There are also several sub-stories, such as the missing father and the cosmonaut.

The script is very good (from English subtitle).

This is a drama that will make you laugh and sad at the same time. Totally enjoyable.


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