[mov] Nine Queens {Nueve Reinas} (2000)

Genre : Crime/Con/Thriller
Rating : 5/5
Verdict : A very good con movie
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I like con movie, and this Argentinian movie is one of the best.

From the start, you will know that this is about con(fidence) game.
Like any great con movies, there is no camouflage.
In the first scene, we are directly introduced to the main characters : two con artists.
They are involved in a con game around a very rare stamp collection called “The Nine Queens”.

Originally, they plan to work together to get the stamp, sell it, and split the money.
But the movie is so open, like challenging you “Hey there is bigger plot! Be prepared for the big twisted ending!”

Scene by scene, the movie cleverly builds surprises and creates ambiguity that makes us difficult to guess who is playing who.

You must see this movie if :
1. You like con movie (i.e. Confidence, The Score, Matchstick Men, Ocean Eleven)
2. You want to see fresh, riveting and entertaining foreign movie (feeling tired of Hollywood movie?)

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