[travelog] Great Britain 2008 {5} Beatles Pilgrimage


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One of my friend just said that journey to Liverpool and Abbey Road is like a haj or holy pilgrimage for Beatles fan.

Well, although I am not planning to get into Beatlemania kind of thing (although it’s quite tempting to try the Magical Mystery tour), it’s hard to miss those two places. So I put them in the agenda, although Liverpool would really be a very short visit (two hours).


Fortunately, it’s very near from our homebase tube station (Killburn).
So, early in the morning, we’re going to visit the famous zebra cross.
Outside the tube station, a Beatles sourvernir shop gave signal that we’re at the right stop.

To my surprise, we’re not the only one who were quite silly enough to get photoed while crossing the road. And, the drivers were quite patient to let us take the picture.


Well, two things dominate the theme of sourvernir shops : Beatles and Merseyside clubs (of course Liverpool is dominant).

But while following the first sign showing Cavern, we decided to stop since there is no further sign where to go.

Walking one block, I realised that the statues on the wall of a hotel are Beatles.
And hey, the name of the hotel is Hardaysnight Hotel.

And just beside the hotel, the famous Cavern is located where Beatles performed in their early years. And suddenly, we realised that it is Beatles zone.
The statue in the shopping arcade, the shops.

hello John!


Well, honestly, although it’s not a holy journey (I don’t have enough devotion for anything hehehehe), but it’s thrilling to be at two historical place for Beatles.

And the funny thing, three big news about Beatles on our journey :

1. The divorce of Paul and Heather Mills. Expected to be one of the most expensive divorce…

2. The death of Neil Aspinall, the fifth Beatles, and Apple CEO, who were very strict on Beatles brand (one of them is the restriction to use original Beatles song in any soundtrack). He’s a very loyal to the Beatles (never publish any personal comment, except in Anthology) and lead the legal campaign against Steve Job’s Apple (and won).

His death is expected to open ‘softer’ policy on Beatles brand…. started by Paul Mc Cartney initiative to sell Beatles song via iTunes.

3. The use of Beatles theme in American Idol top 12 and 11.

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