[quote] Heaven is Not My Home


just came back from annual staff retreat and got this beautiful message:

Sin is not the story, it is the blight on the story.
Sin distorts everything, perverts everything, corrupts everything.
It is not sin that makes us bear children, bu it is sin that makes childbearing painful.
It is not sin that attracts men and women, but it is sin that fills our relationships with control and suspicion.
It is not sin that makes music, but it is sin that fills our music with vanity and lust.
It is not sin that makes us construct cities and towers, but it is sin that makes those towers symbols of pride and power.
It is not sin that calls human beings to live and love, to make music and art, to work and create, to plant and harvest, to play and dance.
But it is sin that undercuts and perverts them all.


Sin does not create things. It has no originality, no creativity, no being in itself.
Sin lives off that which is good.  It is a parasite, feeding greedily on the goodness of what God has made.
No relation is of itself sinful, but sin corrupts every relation.
No area of life is in itself out of the will of God, but we defy God’s will in every area of life.


(from Paul Marshall in his book Heaven is Not My Home)

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  1. buku bagus… thanks…

    Sin is nothing else than a morally bad act, an act not in accord with reason informed by the Divine law. God has endowed us with reason and free-will, and a sense of responsibility; He has made us subject to His law, which is known to us by the dictates of conscience, and our acts must conform with these dictates, otherwise we sin (Romans 14:23).

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