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[song] I Need An Angel

Rating : ★★★★★
Genre : Gospel
Artist : Ruben Studdard

I need an angel (Ruben Studdard)

I need an angel (Ruben Studdard)

Ruben Studdard ini mengingatkan pada Mike Mohede

Sama-sama dibesarkan oleh kontes idol, berperawakan besar dan memiliki suara like an angel.

Album I Need An Angel ini sendiri luar biasa. Beberapa lagu my favorite dinyanyikan ulang dengan sangat cantik oleh Ruben spt Amazing Grace, Shout to the Lord ataupun I Surrender All.

Here’s the full complete track and trust me there are no bad songs on it:
1. I Need an Angel
2. Center of My Joy
3. Goin’ up Yonder
4. Fix It, Jesus – (with Harvey Watkins Jr.)
5. Amazing Grace
6. Shout to the Lord
7. Running Back to You
8. Restoration
9. We Have Not Forgotten – (with Fred Hammond)
10. I Surrender All
11. Ain’t No Need to Worry
12. Don’t You Give Up

Not just his voice is excellent & the music is awesome, the lyric is great also; here is some of it:

Take me, shape me, mold me , change me, teach me, fill me, save me
(I Need An Angel)

When I’ve lost my direction
You’re the compass for my way
You’re the fire and light when
Nights are long and cold
In sadness You are the laughter
That shadows all my fears
When I’m all alone
Your hand is there to hold
(Center of My Joy)

I have taken advantage of Your love & grace
Forgive me Lord and take me home
(Running Back to You)

Sometimes we feel pain
But there are some things that we can change
Just pray
(Ain’t No Need to Worry)

Don’t you give up on your dreams
You’ll find the hope that you need
Things aren’t as bad as they seem
Just keep fighting and you will surely succed
(Don’t You Give Up)

Klik di masing-masing judulnya untuk lirik lengkap dari lagu ini: Amazing Grace, Shout to the Lord dan I Surrender All.

I am very pleased with this album, recommended listening to those who love inspirational music!

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