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Part 1 – Our Journey (admonike)
Part 2 – In My Eyes – London (admonike)
Part 3 – In My Eyes – England (admonike)
Part 4 – In My Eyes – Wales-Scotland (admonike)
Part 5 – Beatles Pilgrimage (e2rd_san)


** Compilation click here
** London click here
** England click here
** Wales & Scotland click here
** Oxford (this page)

During our trip, usually there’re some places that captures my heart, creating the desire to spend some years to live there. In this Great Britain trip, Oxford is that one city (beside London of course).

Let me tell the story about Oxford from the pictures I post here.

PS : All images were taken during the trip. Click the picture to see detail view, and click on it again to close the detail view.

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