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[list] The Most Confusing Movies

Some movies are very confusing.


Sometime, it is confusing because of the plot/story, like “Matrix”, “Usual Suspects”, and “Memento”.
But in this case, confusion comes from not paying enough attention to detail.
So, watch it again, and if you still don’t get it… hmm.. no comment 🙂

Sometime, it is confusing because you don’t understand the ending or what this movie is all about, like : Audition, Swimming Pool, Vanilla Sky.
But in this case, just make a logical guess or just accept that the movie is just like that.

But some movies are totally too confusing for me.
Even after watching it several times.
Without looking at hints, I will never understand what the movie is all about.


David Lynch is known for his psycho-movies, and by far this is the most confusing one (for me).
From the beginning, the story is weird with some strange characters or bizzare scenes.
And suddenly, in the middle of the movie….. everything’s changing.. even the character…
The woman we previously knew as A, now is B.

Try to understand from Wiki :


It is about a complex time travel story.

1. To understand what this movie is all about is so difficult, since from the start they talk about an invention, without telling the audience (or even give a clue) about what they actually want to build.

2. To understand how their time travelling technology work is also difficult. There are rules, complex rules.

3. And the film add a twist that you only will be aware of, if you understand what this movie is about, and how the time travel work.

For this movie, I don’t even have the desire to watch for the second time.
Maybe someday, with a plot print out in my hand.

Try to understand from Wiki :


This is the first time I noticed about Jake Gyllenhall who played Donnie.

Donnie Darko is a troubled son who was bizzarely awakened and met with a demonic bunny called Frank who told him that the world with end within 28 days, and he woke up in a field with tatoo in his arm (28:…).
And when he walked home, he found that his room was wrecked by a jet engine falling from the sky.

After that Frank gave Donnie instructions to follow.
Donnie also got a hint about time travel philosophy from school.
All of this culminates on the day when we will know who is Frank, whose jet engine it was in his room.

But still, I will not get it fully without reading some references.

Try to understand from Wiki :

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