[sport] Iraq : Asian Cup Winner 2007

Asian Cup 2007, what an event.

We’re champion!

1. Probably the first international soccer event hosted by four countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia).

2. Indonesia (yes.. we are mediocre, even in SE Asia), was predicted the weakest team in horrifying group where two Asian giants (Korea and Saudi) met. But, Indonesia showed memorable and heroic performance, beating Bahrain, and losing by only one goal to Saudi (by injury time Saudi’s goal) and Korea.

Vietnam and Thailand also showed a remarkable performance. Supporters really mean something.

3. Japan showed a very attractive football. Too bad they lost to Saudi and Korea. They really need a good striker.

And… [drumroll] …. Iraq won the cup!

May be this is as shocking as when Denmark won Euro 1992. Well, in Asia, we have Japan (won two consecutive previous Asian cup), Saudi, Korea, and.. Australia. After that, we still have UAE, Bahrain, China.

This is why I love sport.
It is real proof of the importance of mind strength (determination, attitude, spirit, motivation).
Mind strength enable us to do the impossible.

But again, what a drama.
A country torn apart by war can restore dignity and hope to the country.

Quite regret that I missed to watch any game played in Jakarta 🙂


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